The Back Story

Allergies, especially peanut allergies, are not funny. My everyday life involves questioning strangers who may be serving me a potential life sentence. Currently a 22 year-old female, I am allergic to peanuts (and most other nuts) and fish (such as tuna, salmon and swordfish). This list is a HUGE reduction in allergies I had at birth: all seafood, shellfish, strawberries and even (gasp) chocolate. I’m sure there was more on the list, but who really cares. I’m trying to look toward the future and the potential that I may one day have no allergies. So we’ll see where the future takes us…
The purpose of this is blog is to be a recap of my past and current experiences with allergies in restaurants—while traveling, in the office, or wherever else. As I said before, allergies are not funny, but they have inspired some humorous situations. I promise I’m not here to preach to the world that you should treat people with allergies a certain way, though I do insist you always be sensitive to someone who says they have a serious allergy. Laugh a little, learn a little, and enjoy.


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