To All the Titles That Didn’t Make It

The creation of a positive, witty blog about allergies has been an idea months in the making. With the help of my University of Miami and Boca Raton friends, I went through many blog titles before making the endless decision of going with ‘WhatTheNut.’ It’s catchy. Don’t be too jealous.

Below is a list of ways Nut could have been used in my blog title/URL (* denotes my favorites):

– Nut Your Average Blog*
– The Shellfish Nut—great combo of my nut and seafood allergies
– Mishugenut—which my non-Jewish friend really loved especially because she thought it read “Miss Huge Nut”
– Finding Nuts
– Sam of Nuts
– Nutty Seeing You Here*
– Nuttin (Better) To Do*
– Nut in My Nut—too dirty, ick
– Ready or Nut
– Silence of the Nuts—after a few drinks this was priceless!
– Nut the Blog You’re Looking For?
– Nutty or Nice—just meh
– Nutflix—just for documentaries of my life when I’m famous, obvs
– No Ifs, Ands, or Nuts**—OMG at least 2 days were ruined after I found out this was taken!


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