Blog Inspiration: Sleeping on Planes

I realized a long time ago that talking about my allergies FASCINATED people (poor analogy was nearly inserted here– you’re lucky I saved you from that one).  However, while often a positive or educational discussion, the topic of allergies/allergy precautions on planes DO NOT MIX.  There is no hiding the fact that there are hundreds or possibly thousands of people who want to ban peanuts from being served on planes, e.g. the “Ban Peanuts on Planes” community on Facebook (, but one airline really went above and beyond to (try to) satisfy my allergy needs.

Southwest Airlines: I applaud you.  I received a peanut dust allergy slip — which was so super-cute that I was actually showing it off like it was a 6-week old puppy— at the gate that I was able to hand to the flight attendants on-board.  This slip disabled all staff from serving peanuts to the entire flight.  I don’t just mean 3 rows in front of me and 3 rows behind me like most airlines (only sometimes) do after you talk to about 52 people.  While I unfortunately sneezed until I fell asleep from the peanut dust filling the cabin from the previous flights in the day and from the oddly substantial amount of peanuts still sitting on the floor throughout each row, my mind was put at ease.  Granted I always fall asleep on planes, but this sleep caused a motivating, philosophical, mind-racing dream that really got me going once I landed in NOLA.  I woke up with “no ifs, ands, or nuts” ringing in my head—only to later find out that this copy had been taken by a bakery.  Regardless, it was a good start to the trip, so thank you Southwest for your inspiration for WhatTheNut.


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