Eating Fish Avoids Heart Problems, But Not For Us

Today an article reminded me that I have been evading my duties as an active blogger.  To all my followers, I apologize!

An article by Steven Reinberg from Everyday Health noted the importance of eating fish.  In the recent past, Danish scientists discovered that “eating fish once a week may substantially reduce risk [of heart disease], compared to eating no fish” (  News like this isn’t so shocking because a countless number of people take fish oil supplements during their daily vitamin routine; however, this article struck a nerve.  Let me know if this comment makes you feel slightly less great about yourself, “women of childbearing age who never ate fish had 50 percent more cardiovascular problems than women who ate fish often.”

I exercise, get a normal amount of sleep each night, and eat a decently balanced diet… but to know that all this effort to stay healthy may not all be enough because I don’t eat fish really bothers me!  I CAN’T eat fish; I’m allergic. (Coincidentally as I write this I eat Goldfish.. oh the irony.)  So what are we, my allergic-to-fish sistahs and brothas, suppose to do to lower our risk of cardiovascular disease?  This was not mentioned in the article, and this is what inspires me to do this blog.  I even went as far as reaching out to Mr. Reinberg to hopefully follow-up to this post and find out if he or the Danish discovered more about other ways to avoid heart attacks and such.  Hopefully this is just part one!  I leave you to decide other ways to keep heart-healthy.


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