Questionably Safe Salads

You can ask a million questions about ingredients in food, but, even if you’re watching your meal prepared in front of you, you may still not know if it will cause a reaction. Create your own chopped salad QSRs are super trendy. I love the customization these places allow with healthy options. Recently two popular locations vividly stood out — one in a negative way, one in a positive way.

In order to end with the good, I’ll start with #JustSalad. All over NYC, this popular salad joint is typically very careful when you mention your food allergies, by giving customers a new board with clean utensils upon request. In the recent past, I took home an order only to later have a reaction from my custom creation. Luckily I noticed right away and spit it out, but had I not had a Benadryl handy I would’ve been in serious trouble. Even after calling the location so they were aware of this issue, I was shown little to no remorse — merely an “our manager may get back to you within the next few days” response.

This experience is drastically different from meals I’ve had from #Chop’t. Though one time an employee accidentally forget to clean the board (which I called out so he fixed everything quickly), I’ve enjoyed an allergy-free experience at most of their locations. Now, Chop’t won’t chop up their salads that are combined with nuts, so nuts are only served on the side. From what I’ve seen, they do not even serve tuna so that’s one less worry. They even have a sign welcoming persons with allergies in each store. I’m pleased and would gladly recommend them as long as they keep up this sensitivity toward different diets.


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