Mixed Feelings Over Recall

I’ve loved Haagen Dazs since I was a little girl. The chocolate bar with chocolate drizzle just speaks to me, so I was surprised to find out that they just recalled over 10,000 packs of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Anyone on the east coast should be wary of the product as it was mislabeled, saying the flavor is just chocolate chip without noting peanuts as an ingredient.

On one hand, I’m actually pretty fearful. This is scary for the everyday person with peanut allergies. The thoughtless, heavenly act of stuffing your face with ice cream just became something to over-analyze (beyond just asking for or looking into the ingredients and asking servers to clean their utensils). Even if you aren’t allergic to peanuts yourself, then presumably you can still understand to how serious a product recall is. Bringing me to my other hand: I’m impressed by how much Haagen Dazs is owning up to their mistakes. Even on their own site, this breaking news is the first thing you see. I have not yet heard of an incident related to this story, so I hope that remains true in the coming days/weeks. Luckily we live in a world where news spreads like rapid fire.

While I don’t have another hand, I also hope the company can bounce back from it… I will accept (peanut) free ice cream, if I must.


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