What About Non-food Products?

In one of my earliest posts, I wrote about a time when I ate salsa that unfortunately contained peanut butter as a main ingredient. So we know that nuts can be easily masked in food but what about in non-food products? The amount of household and outdoor items that include peanuts or peanut oil/shells is actually shocking given the fact that some people use these products every day. Such items include:

  • detergent
  • stuffing in furniture or toys
  • lotion for hand or body
  • pet food
  • lawn fertilizer
  • cosmetics

Since you can never be too careful, consider washing your hands (without peanut-infused soap) when interacting with others, especially kids; this can not only prevent illnesses but also help avoid mishaps when interacting with others who have highly sensitive allergies. Ideally, you should double-check ingredients — even if you think an item is “totally safe” — and look beyond what the eye can see because often things are hidden. It’s also worth considering that other allergens exist in common products, such as wheat in store-bought Playdough. Now that you’ve read the above possibilities, it’s your responsibility to pass along the message to others.